from by Thee Samedi



Love for me is formaldehyde
The closer you get, another piece of you dies
Hold your forked tounge and lie me on the floor
limb by limb, you watch me pallor mor

Cut me from
The tree I hang
Be your nephilim darlin
Oh, how i'll swing

Infernal, I am so
Spit me out, just spit me out
Hawk me out, Am I lukewarm
You know I am, I'm lukewarm

Scorn me baby
Burn me at the stake
Do my jaded eyes make you

Boredom fills like possesion
and takes control
Make me resent you, don't even try
Because I already know
I already know
I already know

Fistful of pills
Down your throat
There's a skull in your room
with you and your suicide note

She never ceases to disgust herself
She hates herself
Distract her senses with razerblades
Distract her senses with razerblades
Purge me up baby

I'm the moth
That eats your grease
Not their life on the line
It's yours that will soon cease
Just spit me out
Just hawk me out
Yeah, I'm lukewarm


from Lost Faith, released April 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Thee Samedi Bellevue, Washington

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